Amnesty for All

On the Other Hand by By Kay Wilson-Bolton

July 15, 2007


America was founded on principles that would get government out of the Church. It was never to separate the Church from the people.

For those who wonder about churches being places of Sanctuary for illegal immigrants, here is a learning opportunity that will give you another good reason to join a church. “Sanctuary” is an interesting place and has different meanings. The ultimate meaning depends on where you are in your journey through life.

The dictionary describes sanctuary as a, “holy place.” It is likely that not everyone buys into that. It is also described as, “A church or other sacred place where fugitives were formerly entitled to immunity from arrest.”

It is also known as, “A tract of land where birds and wildlife, esp. those hunted for sport, can breed and take refuge in safety from hunters.” With these descriptions in mind, try to view yourself as one who is desperate for sanctuary. You are from a foreign country, you are here illegally, your children were born here, you came here looking for work—and found it. Upon threat of deportation and separation from your family, you run to a church. If you are denied, your world view of God has suddenly changed.

If you are welcomed, your view has changed again. Contrast this to our expenditures of millions of dollars protecting condor eggs because their parents don’t know how to protect them or themselves. They eat unsafe things and go to dangerous places.

As an American, I count on the right to run to a church when I and my family are in peril. I must be able to stay there until the danger is
passed. Churches that refuse to do this must be willing to take a class in Christian principals and basic human rights.

If you think churches should close their doors to people who are in this country illegally, knowing that we created jobs and enticed them to come, let’s look at who else is in our churches.

We are drug addicts, ex-cons and felons, alcoholics, womanizers and prostitutes, sex offenders, abusers, cryptics, skeptics and critics, fugitives from something or other. We don’t vote every chance we get, we are tempted and often cheat on our income tax; we regularly despise our neighbor and want what they have, while not forgiving them for doing to us what we do to others. Thank God we are in churches.

Let’s allow churches to do what churches have done for centuries. Then, let the government do whatever it does. This country exists because of the need to get the State out of the business of the Church. It was never to separate the Church from the people.

Kay Wilson-Bolton
Santa Paula

About Kay Wilson-Boltonhttp://www.kaywilsonbolton.netWith a full-time career in real estate, I can add to your bank of knowledge, not only in real estate but in many areas of life that deal with people and relationships and choices. My real estate career has taught me many lessons about planning ahead and looking forward. I believe in helping along the way so that they can be the best they can be in any situation. I serve as a Fire Department Chaplain and Coordinator for the Many Meals Project which serves homeless and hungry families in my community. The event is far more than many meals. As a result of my work with the homeless population in my community, I received the Good Neighbor Award 2017 from the National Association of Realtors and named as a Champion of Homes in 2015 by the California Association of Realtors. I make pastoral visits to the inmates in the County Jail System and offer them what God says about "all things being new" and His remarkable plan for our lives. I have served my community as Mayor and in many volunteer capacities. I serve others by serving God first. My husband is involved in prison ministry and is a graphic artist. We live a simple life in Santa Paula with an office cat named Scout, three rescued poodles and a cat named Tony Diane at home.

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