About Kay

Kay has been in full-time real estate since 1976. She is certified competent in many areas of real estate including property management. She is known for commitment to working early and late with have a very hands-on management style. She remains “first phone” on every transaction, and her market area is comfortably Ventura County.

She holds two degrees: BS degree with a background in marketing and business administration from Cal Poly and a BA from the Master’s College in Newhall, currently working part-time on her master’s degree. She holds numerous certifications and designations with professional organizations. She is a co-mediator for the Ventura County Superior Court, a Biblical Counselor and neighborhood mediator.

She served as Mayor for the City of Santa Paula; named REALTOR® of the Year for the Ventura Association of REALTORS® in 1996 and was selected as the Most Distinguished Alumnus for Cal Poly Pomona. In her volunteer life, she serves as Chaplain to Santa Paula and Ventura County Fire Departments. She also serves as the volunteer director of homeless services in the region.

Over the decades of community service, she has served on many boards but continues to serve United Way as a founding member of Women’s Legacy Council. She is a PEO and a lover of books.

She and her husband Howard Bolton live simply in the City of Santa Paula with three rescued dogs and three rescued cats. One of the cats is named Scout and she lives at the real estate office.

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