NDOP 2013 Santa Paula Program

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Santa Paula’s Observance of the National Day of Prayer – 7 pm
Puente de Vida Church
203 South 8th Street, Santa Paula
Sponsored by the SPIRIT of Santa Paula

NDOP Theme Song ‘Pray’ by Sanctus Real – Interpreter – Pastora Adelita Garza, Puente de Vida

Welcome – Howard Bolton, Spirit of Santa Paula

Call to Repentance – Pastor Bob Ramos, First Presbyterian Church

Worship Team – “Here I am to Worship”, “How Great is Our God”

The Family – Father Charles Lueras, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

The Church – Pastor Don Loomer, Heritage Valley Fellowship

Revival, Government Leaders, the President, Pastor David McKeever, Valley Community Church

Educators and Youth – Pastor Johnny Flores, Santa Paula Vineyard
Worship Team: Open the Eyes of my Heart

Media – Steve Brackley, Gloryland Films

Hope for the Oppressed – Veronica Sandez

Harvest and Missionaries – Pastor Adelita Garza

Children’s Song (PdV Kids) – ‘Go Tell the World’, Dismiss Kids (ages 3-10)

Military – Ken Ary

Israel – Larry Barbarine

Business Community – Jose Segura

Public Safety Personnel – Dawn Bavero

Prisoners, Homeless and People at Risk – Thomas Hunter

Worship: “Revelation Song”

Marriages – Kathy and Mike O’Donnell

Sanctity of Life – Kay Wilson-Bolton

Unity and Reconciliation – Pastor Jenny Crosswhite, First Christian Church

Pastors and Church Leaders – Margarita La Rue

Benediction – Pastor Johnny Flores

Proclamation 2001 – City of Santa Paula

Proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, May 2001

Whereas national days of prayer were called as early as 1773 with the First Continental Congress and Abraham Lincoln called for such a day in 1863. The National Day of Prayer was finally established by Joint Resolution of Congress in 1952 and signed into law by President Truman. It was amended in 1988 and signed by President Reagan to be the first Thursday of May each year.

Whereas, we live in a time of great and historic changes in our country and in the world and each of seeks to chart our own course to find peace and happiness,

Whereas, our ancestors trusted in the faithfulness of God and frequently turned to Him in humble, heartfelt prayer during feasts, wars and famines. When they finally reached their shores, the early settlers gave thanks for their very lives and for the promise of freedom in a new land,

Whereas, the great American experiment in liberty and self-government has not only endured but prospered. The triumph of freedom in this country has inspired the advance of human rights and dignity around the globe.

May the National Day of Prayer be significant in our country’s desire to be the best we can be, inviting God’s blessings and presence, and may Santa Paula’s National Day of Prayer be the beginning of honoring God and restoring honor for each other in our workplaces, our schools, our neighborhoods and our homes.

Therefore, I, Donald L. Johnson, Mayor of the City of Santa Paula, California, do hereby proclaim Thursday, May 3, 2001 as National Day of Prayer and invite all residents to the Community Breakfast sponsored by the Spirit of Santa Paula and to the Evening Prayer Program sponsored by the Ministerial Association of Santa Paula.