NDOP 2013 Santa Paula Program

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Santa Paula’s Observance of the National Day of Prayer – 7 pm
Puente de Vida Church
203 South 8th Street, Santa Paula
Sponsored by the SPIRIT of Santa Paula

NDOP Theme Song ‘Pray’ by Sanctus Real – Interpreter – Pastora Adelita Garza, Puente de Vida

Welcome – Howard Bolton, Spirit of Santa Paula

Call to Repentance – Pastor Bob Ramos, First Presbyterian Church

Worship Team – “Here I am to Worship”, “How Great is Our God”

The Family – Father Charles Lueras, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

The Church – Pastor Don Loomer, Heritage Valley Fellowship

Revival, Government Leaders, the President, Pastor David McKeever, Valley Community Church

Educators and Youth – Pastor Johnny Flores, Santa Paula Vineyard
Worship Team: Open the Eyes of my Heart

Media – Steve Brackley, Gloryland Films

Hope for the Oppressed – Veronica Sandez

Harvest and Missionaries – Pastor Adelita Garza

Children’s Song (PdV Kids) – ‘Go Tell the World’, Dismiss Kids (ages 3-10)

Military – Ken Ary

Israel – Larry Barbarine

Business Community – Jose Segura

Public Safety Personnel – Dawn Bavero

Prisoners, Homeless and People at Risk – Thomas Hunter

Worship: “Revelation Song”

Marriages – Kathy and Mike O’Donnell

Sanctity of Life – Kay Wilson-Bolton

Unity and Reconciliation – Pastor Jenny Crosswhite, First Christian Church

Pastors and Church Leaders – Margarita La Rue

Benediction – Pastor Johnny Flores