Failure, Success. Hopeless, Hope. Wounded, Healed. Week 499 on August 22, 2018

Editor’s Note: This weekly communication is intended to inform, encourage and educate friends and neighbors on the issues of homelessness, what is being done, what can be done and what remains to be done.

Branch Manager, Don Tello. Special thanks to Bank of the Sierra for their generous donation to the weekly Many Meals program at the First Presbyterian Church. Each week, homeless and hungry families receive a generous and nutritious meal along with fresh food from our well-stocked pantry.

This Week’s Features:

Mental Illness and Homelessness. Not Every Homeless Person Is Mentally Ill. However, many of them are. One particular man in Santa Paula has been arrested again for assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing. He is waiting release. A plea has been made to the Behavioral Health Department on behalf of Chief McLean who fears the worst will happen one day for either an innocent bystander or for the homeless man. This man spent 30 days in January in a facility and voluntarily stayed even though he missed his mother’s funeral. Because he went back to the streets due to lack of shelter, he found his old ways. There has to be a better way. Photo is from Google Images.

Shower Program Update – One Stop Santa Paula.

It’s all amazing and it is so appreciated by those who attend. It’s making a difference and it’s bringing all those who participate into the circle of care needed to get them off the streets. The fear is that the longer they are “out there”, the harder it is to get them “in here” because that life becomes normal. Every Friday 9 am to noon, El Buen Pastor United Methodist Church, 1029 E. Santa Paula Street, Santa Paula. Visitors welcome. Thank you to the Whole Person Care Team of the Ventura County Health Care Agency.


“Thank you for your help last week. I tried texting you earlier but it kept getting deleted. I am very stressed tonight because I’m flat broke and out of calfresh money and my cash aid. I got my storage emptied and it’s all in the back of my car. I got info about the car and what to do to get it fixed. My girlfriend said she would cover the tow to the garage. I don’t receive my cash aid until the 3rd and calfresh on 10th. The truck needs 3 quarts of oil. I don’t know when when I’ll hear from my boy’s dad or see him again, because he doesn’t communicate like a normal person. But I’m sitting in a parking lot wondering what to do next. I’d like to get my son a happy meal so he’s covered and happy. For me, I would just like some peace of mind. I’m hungry too for something other than a peanut butter sandwich or chix noodle soup. I’m sad. I can’t cook anything in rv and there’s no gas in it. No propane either. I also have a lot of laundry to be done. Our underwear all needs washing. What a list, eh? I will file, answer phones, volunteer, you name it, while my boy is in school. I need help, I have an online Avon store so maybe you would pass the world or refer me to someone who still buys that stuff. I need help.”


An invitation is being extended to the public to attend on Thursday, September 6, 2018 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm at the Poinsettia Pavilion, 3451 Foothill Road, Ventura. Speakers will discuss the issues that relate to homelessness including, “An Overview of Homelessness in the City.” There will be representatives on the topics of Law Enforcement, Mental and Physical Health, Housing and Shelter, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Employment and Income. It is sponsored by the Faith Subcommittee of the Ventura Social Services Task Force. RSVP:


1. Funds to complete the cremation and burial of Daniel Price.
2. Mother of six needs $75 to get birth certificates for three to keep them in daycare.
3. Mother of three needs $200 for school clothes and shoes.
4. Mother of six needs money for gas to get to her school and money for kids school clothes.
5. Woman from Santa Paula needs $75 to get her car out of impound in Mexico ($5 per day) so she can drive to work in Chula Vista. Cost $11 to send her $75.
6. Single mother of four living in a motel can cook outside with charcoal needs food.
7. Single mother of three living in a motel needs “one more night”. Every agency in town has helped her. A concerned registered with the appropriate government agency said “there was no offense, so no inspection.”
8. Family needs help with funeral expenses for adult son who just died. $1900 raised in five days; $500 from a car wash.
9. Single mom needs $300 to give to her landlord so she can move in early. Verified.
10. Single female living in a camper needs a battery and gasoline…and registration tags so she doesn’t go homeless.
11. Homeless woman asked for $10 so she can have a meal at Denny’s.
12. Homeless man is living in a shed and taking care of the owner’s dog. He lost the dog today, a young German Shepherd. He wants $250 so he can buy the owner another dog.
13. Not today, I said.

If you want to share in any meeting any of these requests, you can donate at our website: SPIRIT of Santa Paula


This documentary filmed by Green Island Films, is a journey through the worst homeless crisis in America. Filmed in Honolulu, the film gives an up-close look at homeless people. It features two families as they move from sidewalk tents to subsidized housing. You will see and hear the personal stories of substance abusers, the physically ill, the mentally ill, the aged, veterans, teenagers, the working poor, ex-convicts, immigrants and indigenous people. Political leaders, medical and social workers give their input. Open discussion follows.

Tuesday, August 28 at 6:30 PM and it is a free event; donations welcome.

Sponsored by the Social Concerns Action Committee of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Santa Paula, located at 740 E. Main St, Santa Paula

THIS WEEK’S MENU:  Spaghetti Casserole with chicken, green peppers, onions and celery, cheese and salsa dressing, cooked carrots from Garman’s Pub, cole slaw with pineapple, rolls and butter. Dessert is donuts from Angel’s Donuts, pastries and cookies of epic portions. Thank you Food Share of Ventura County.


If anyone has an interest in driving our truck to and from various food locations, please let me know. 805.340.5025. If you are able to lift and load, that’s great but not necessary. Times needed: Friday and Saturday mornings, Friday from 10:30 to Noon for Food Share Shopping. Helpers go with you.