They are already here! – Street Beat Week 501 on September 5, 2018



Said a stakeholder quoted in the Santa Clarita Community Plan to

Address Homelessness, July 2018.  

“There is a misperception that people come to Santa Clarita to be homeless — and this is part of the resistance to the year round shelter. People think that if you build it they will come. But the reality is that a large percentage of these people were already here.” This is an amazing document prepared by the City of Santa Clarita and Homeless Issues.


TRACKING AND REFERRING homeless people throughout the County to other service providers is a task for the fit only. SPIRIT has just been approved to utilize this County system to aid in finding housing our homeless population. It’s not a program for the faint and training is intense, but the services and outcomes are unequalled.

With this innovative system, users enhance care coordination and eliminate program and project silos by maintaining a single client record across organizations and seamlessly sharing data in real time. Services recipients must agree to share their information in the system and sign a release. Santa Paula has five of our homeless people placed in permanent supportive housing.  That is 7% of our total population. Two have accepted housing in other communities   Not all of them want to do that which is another challenge.


Safe Sleep in Coming to Santa Paula. We are working with a local property owner, the City and the Police Department to provide a safe place for people to sleep in their cars. We estimate there are 10 people/families who are doing so and we want a safe place, providing security and portable bathroom facilities. We are reviewing the best practices of other cities. We will be working with the School District to determine how many additional families are in cars.


  1. “Hello miss Kay this is Maria. My family and I were in a situation that were gone be homeless and my daughter is pregnant and due by the 14th. She’s living in a friend’s truck. can u please help use somewhere we can go thank u so much blessings.”
  2. Couple living in Steckel Park – baby due in 10 days.
  3. Single father of four kids living at Steckel Park. He’s still working but the water pump went out on the car. Cost is $221.
  4. URGENT.  We are told there are 14 seniors living at the Santa Paulan Senior complex in Santa Paula who have been cited by management for unregistered cars in their designated parking spots. Some of them are not being driven. One reported today if she pays for the tags, she can’t pay for the rent. A project to work on.
  5. A Santa Paula woman living in Bakersfield wants to move back home. I had to tell her there is no shelter here and to seek help where she is. Her mother is here but she is a housing voucher recipient and no one can live with her.
  6. Thank you to the Lions Club for getting glasses so quickly for one of our men. He’s a different guy today.

Note: Thanks to the sweet person that dropped off $20 at the office.

It went for the co-pay for Fernando’s medication.

If you want to share in any meeting any of these needs you can donate at our website:  

SPIRIT of Santa Paula

You can also do so anonymously by contacting the director.


A few bucks here and there.  A sign of the times. This nice man was working hard to keep the environment clean and found himself with more than the law of physics will allow. For many this daily task provides much needed cash for the basics in life.


A stash of Nike’s showed up at the office today from Miss Naomi. Todd is a great helper here and got first pick! Thanks to Lion’s Club for his new glasses. He’s looking for a job if someone needs someone. This is how their stuff gets stolen and this is what irritates the eyes. Homeless people have to carry everything they own. If they set it down,

consider it gone.


This is a tell-tale sign of a homeless person nearby. This is also how they lose all their stuff.


MANY MEALS MENU: Chicken Puff Pasta with Cheese and Breadcrumb Topping, cooked carrots from Garman’s Pub, orange slices, cole slaw with pineapple, rolls and butter. Dessert is donuts from Angel’s Donuts, pastries and cookies of epic portions.

Thank You Food Share!  DRIVERS FOUND. THANK YOU to Tom Wilson, John Lopez, Bob Carson, Erendira McCormick, Hank Wychoff,  Luis Cantero and Bessie Crowell.  PS – We will have a refrigerated truck soon  for additional food rescue operations.

The Goal is to End Homelessness in Santa Paula

SPIRIT OF SANTA PAULA is a 501-C3 Non-Profit Corp. a “Publicly Supported Charity”

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Emergency Food Boxes by Appt.  Call 805.340.5025 or email

SPIRIT’S FOOD PANTRIES  in Santa Paula plus USDA Commodities

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Wednesday from 5 to 6 pm at 121 Davis Street and Take-Out Dinner too!

First Saturday of the Month from 8 – 9 am  St. Paul’s / Emmanuel Lutheran Church located 117 N. 7th Street

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